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Trinity Bamboo: The Industry

Trinity Bamboo: The Industry
  • Quality: Designed by Engineers, Built by Craftspeople, Sold and supported by kind folks on Bainbridge Island, WA. There is no higher quality bamboo flooring available...anywhere!
  • Integrity: As Trinity Bamboo’s founder, I, Tom Goodham, promise that any product I deliver to you will meet or exceed your expectations. If not, I will take it back and refund your money.  See Trinity Bamboo’s Satisfaction Guarantee for details.
  • Value: Up to 50%+ Less than Retail Pricing—we cut out the middle-men (all of them!) Buy direct and save (a lot).

Greetings!  Thank you for taking a moment to visit Trinity Bamboo’s blog.  My name is Tom Goodham and I am the owner of Trinity Bamboo.  I will be updating this site frequently with a mixture of technical and whimsical musings, all (or mostly all) pertaining to Strand Bamboo Flooring and other bamboo products. 

Today, I would like to take a moment to talk about the Bamboo Flooring industry as a whole; why I’m in it, where it’s been, and where its heading. 

For more than a decade I have been part of a movement which believes that we can do things better; building premium Bamboo Flooring in a sustainable manner while providing our customers with some of the finest flooring (of any material) the world has to offer.  The missing link?  Price.  The fact is that in the world of premium flooring there are just too many people between the manufacturing side and the retail side of the industry. Walk into any flooring retailer, see what is available, look at the pricing for this material, and make your own decision.  I think that all people should be able to afford premium Strand Bamboo Flooring, and to make this possible, I started Trinity Bamboo.

I began my flooring career with Teragren Fine Bamboo in 2003, entering into the world of bamboo flooring straight from the world of coffee at Starbucks’ corporate office in Seattle.  It was a super exciting evolution from a global scale corporation to an environment where a small group of us were writing our game plan every day and our decisions had an immediate impact on the industry.  We were sustainability activists, riding the crest of the “Green” wave and carrying with us the enthusiasm and fervor of those who had figured out that it was possible to have fun and succeed in business by taking care of the planet, our workers, and our customers. 

Right around 2005 Strand Bamboo Flooring exploded onto the market and began to rule the world.  Why?  It is one tough product that is dimensionally stable, almost impossible to dent, and can be stained to look like almost any specie of hardwood.  How is it made?  Bamboo culms (the big green stalks) are cut down by hand, carried down a mountain, and then cut into six foot lengths.  These six foot sections are then split into small, slightly curved wedges, using a tool very similar in appearance to an apple slicer.  These bamboo wedges then have their outer green skin and inner paper-like lining removed.  The now roughly rectangular slats are crushed and dried before being immersed in a bath of phenolic resin (the adhesive).  This adhesive coated fiber is then removed from the adhesive bath, dried, and set aside for pressing.  Next, large platens (hot press method) or large rectangular molds (cold press method), are filled by weight with the adhesive coated fiber.  The molds are then heated under tremendous pressure, fusing the bamboo into a solid block.  This solid block is cooled, sliced to a working thickness, and then moisture balanced for many weeks until a moisture content of 7-10% is achieved. 

Is all Strand Bamboo of equivalent quality?  No. Why?  There is such intense market pressure to keep costs down that some manufactures use inferior glue, poorly prepared raw materials, and they do not moisture-balance the Strand Bamboo blocks for a long enough period of time.  As we have all learned at one point or another, you get what you pay for.

Where is this industry going?  Strand Bamboo is not going away any time soon.  We just keep making it better without significantly increasing the cost.  For those of us willing to pay for it, Strand Bamboo made using today's premium adhesives is absolutely amazing as evidenced by the formaldehyde emission verification test results Trinity Bamboo received from Berkeley Analytical.  For both Trinity Bamboo’s FloorScore® Certified Engineered and Solid Strand Bamboo flooring, the testing found our products' formaldehyde emission levels to be undetectable.  You can see the original reports here.  I have kids too…I get the importance of this.

So…what next?  How do you protect yourself as a consumer?  How do you make a wise purchasing decision?  Buy your Strand Bamboo flooring from a company such as Trinity Bamboo that prioritizes Quality, Integrity, and Value.

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