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FloorScore® Certified and Clean Air Verified® | Trinity Bamboo

FloorScore® Certified and Clean Air Verified® | Trinity Bamboo
  • Quality: Designed by Engineers, Built by Craftspeople, Sold and supported by kind folks on Bainbridge Island, WA. There is no higher quality bamboo flooring available...anywhere!
  • Integrity: As Trinity Bamboo’s founder, I, Tom Goodham, promise that any product I deliver to you will meet or exceed your expectations. If not, I will take it back and refund your money. 
  • Value: Up to 50%+ Less than Retail Pricing—we cut out the middle-men (all of them!) Buy direct and save (a lot).  Free Freight on any order over $500 with Free Inside Delivery.

Chock another one up to the goal of Clean Air in your home.

It was announced on January 5th, 2017, that the FloorScore® Certification program has been officially recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its Recommendations of Specifications, Standards and Ecolabels, to federal purchasers.  The fact that the EPA is encouraging Federal purchasers to seek out FloorScore® certified products is yet another strong indicator of how important environmental certifications such as FloorScore® should be to all American Consumers.  Why?  Because the air we breathe should be clean.  Is this really so much to ask?

FloorScore® Certification means the following:

    • Note: The standard CREL (Chronic Reference Exposure Level) listed for formaldehyde (reference B) is 9µg/m3 which equals .0073 ppm or Parts Per Million.
  • Audited Factories: The factory where these Certified products are produced is routinely audited by U.S. based Scientific Certification Systems Global Services.  The audits confirm that the materials the factory says they are using are, in fact, being used.

Trinity Bamboo’s Premium Solid and Engineered Flooring products are FloorScore® certified to the following Standard:  SCS-EC10.3-2014 v3.0 and conform to the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method v1.1-2010 (California Section 01350), effective January 1, 2012, for the school classroom and private office parameters when modeled as Flooring.

Trinity Bamboo’s products are also Clean Air Verified®.  Rather than trust that the testing performed by others is always correct, just to be sure, Trinity Bamboo gathers and submits samples from random production runs directly to International Accreditation Service (IAS) Certified Labs in the U.S., for Formaldehyde Emissions testing.

What are VOC’s anyway?  Volatile Organic Compounds are organic molecules which easily evaporate into the air. We are surrounded by VOC’s: some are dangerous and many are not. Whether they are dangerous or not often has a lot to do with concentration.

This brings us to our nemesis: Formaldehyde.  Recently, there has been substantial attention paid to a particular VOC known as Formaldehyde. Why? Formaldehyde is very common because it is emitted from both manufactured and natural materials. In other words, like it or not, it is everywhere.

Where does formaldehyde come from? Formaldehyde is emitted by many things including you, your dog, many composite wood products, trees, some paints, many fruits, adhesives, and wait—almost everything.

Why is formaldehyde bad? In high concentrations, formaldehyde is an irritant and long-term irritation to the human body can be very harmful.  Formaldehyde is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to be a "probable human carcinogen".

How much formaldehyde is already in the air around you?  The Agency for Toxic Studies and Disease Registry states that the following are common concentrations of formaldehyde:

    0.0002-0.006 parts per million (ppm) in rural and suburban outdoor air

    0.0015-0.047 ppm in urban outdoor air

    0.020-.04 ppm in indoor air

How much formaldehyde does Trinity Bamboo’s flooring emit?  Because Trinity Bamboo is FloorScore® certified, it cannot have Formaldehyde emissions exceeding 0.0073 parts per million (ppm).

As with all Trinity Bamboo testing, you can view and download all of our test results here.

How do I keep formaldehyde levels low in my house?  Remember the “one dog” rule: One dog will smell like one dog.  Two dogs will double that smell…at least. Make smart decisions about everything you purchase.  Every building material used in your home should have documented low-VOC emissions or there is a possibility that their combined emissions will raise the total VOC content in your house above acceptable standards.

You get what you pay for.  It’s true – you know it is.  The fact is, sustainably produced Strand Bamboo flooring is expensive to manufacture.  Any flooring costing less than a product sold by Trinity Bamboo costs less for a reason.  Choose wisely.  Choose Trinity Bamboo.

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