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72" Base Shoe
72" Base Shoe

Bamboo Flooring Accessories

72" Base Shoe


Base Shoe | Trinity Bamboo

When to Use: Base Shoe is used to conceal the required expansion and contraction space between walls and other vertical surfaces and the bamboo wood flooring. For both Solid and Engineered flooring, Trinity Bamboo recommends that a ½” expansion and contraction gap be left between all walls, door frames, etc. and the edge of the flooring.  

Installation Note:  Base Shoe moldings should be installed after the bamboo wood flooring is in place. The molding should be fastened to the wall (not to the sub-floor) to ensure that the installed floor can expand and contract below it.  Use a quality construction adhesive or a finish nail. Before nailing, pre-drill the molding to avoid splitting.

Disclaimer: Trinity Bamboo, LLC has provided this information “as is” without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.  The customer and/or the installer is solely responsible for any and all decisions regarding how, where, and when to install any Trinity Bamboo product.