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Wall Base Molding
72" Wall Base Molding

Bamboo Flooring Accessories

72" Wall Base Molding


Wall Base Molding | Trinity Bamboo

When to Use: Wall Base Moldings are used to help conceal the required contraction / expansion space between the wall or other vertical surface and the hardwood flooring.

Installation Note: Install Wall Base Moldings after the flooring has been installed.  Ensure that adequate expansion and contraction space are left per the Installation Guidelines.  Note: for Floating Floors, it is essential to leave both a 1/2" contraction and 1/2" expansion space.  To accomplish this, use a Base Shoe in conjunction with a Wall Base Molding.  Note: It may be necessary to pre-drill the Wall Base Molding prior to nailing.

Disclaimer: Trinity Bamboo, LLC has provided this information “as is” without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied.  The customer and/or the installer is solely responsible for any and all decisions regarding how, where, and when to install any Trinity Bamboo product.