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ECOfusion Natural

Trinity Bamboo is pleased to work with EcoFusion to provide our customers with Premium Narrow Plank Solid Strand Bamboo flooring options.  

Established in 1999, EcoFusion is one of the oldest and most respected brands of Bamboo Flooring available anywhere in the world.  With a vertically integrated manufacturing facility, EcoFusion maintains strict control of their manufacturing processes from harvest to plank.  All EcoFusion Flooring products exceed indoor air quality standards as tested to CARB 2 and E0 thresholds.

Primary Features:

  • $5.63 per Square Foot with Free Shipping and Indoor Garage Delivery
  • All planks are 72 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 1/2"
  • 23.42 Square Feet per Box
  • Made with 100% Moso Bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource
  • Made without added urea formaldehyde or harmful VOC's
  • Installation Method: Glue or Nail on or above grade (ground-level)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Structural, 35 YR Residential Finish, 5 YR Commercial Finish

How to Select and Order an EcoFusion Narrow Plank Strand Bamboo Flooring product from Trinity Bamboo:

    1. Calculate the amount of flooring you need (square footage). To do this, multiply the length of the room by the width (for example, a 10' room by 12' room would require 120 square feet). It is considered the "industry standard" to order an additional 7% to ensure that you have enough flooring after accounting for cutting waste. To calculate this, multiply 120 x 1.07 to reach your final needed quantity of 128.4 square feet. There are 23.42 square feet per box of EcoFusion Narrow Plank flooring.  So, for this example, take 128.4 and divide by 23.42 to learn that you would need 5.48 boxes. When in doubt round up to the nearest box! Call us if you want to check your calculations!
    2. Choose the accessories you need to complete your installation
    3. Order your floor from the below options, hire a quality installer, sit back and watch your house be transformed!

    As always—if you have ANY questions, give us a call at 1-888-248-6538. We would love to chat with you...really.